Mobile Management Solutions is a resource management company dedicated to Electronic Solutions for todays' demanding needs. We have assembled different vendors to help us facilitate the changing needs of our most demanding clients. Our services range from Moblie Asset Tracking to Mobile Video and Security.

MMS is a resource management company that offers GPS products that will allow companies or individuals track their cars, trucks, mobile generators and most anything of value.
These devices are very popular for fleet management and are growing in popularity due to the savings they offer through monitoring a company’s drivers and trucks. They won’t only tell you a vehicles current location, they can tell you…

  • Where the vehicle has been
  • How much time it has spent idling and burning gas
  • Where your company’s drivers are while on the clock
  • When regular maintenance is due
  • If your drivers are using the vehicle for unauthorized use after hours
  • What speed they are traveling
  • When they started their work day
  • When they ended their work day
  • How much time they were really at lunch
  • If they are exhibiting unsafe driving habits
  • How many miles they are traveling while in
    other states ( I.F.T.A. reports)
  • The location of your vehicle if it gets stolen
  •  If there is someone in the passenger seat
  • Real time Engine diagnostics

Just to name a few.

We have a line of sport vehicle tracking devices too. Boats, RVs, ATV, and motorcycles. Our motorcycle tracking device is amazing. It will allow you to see the real time location of your bike but it can also communicate to the local EMS if the sensor in the device detects a rapid deceleration (crash) or if the bike gets laid on its side! Once this happens the Cycle Tracker will call our monitoring station and report the incident. The monitoring station will then try to reach you and people you have designated on a call list. If no one can be reached to report the accident, the monitoring station will dispatch local EMS to the last know location of the motorcycle to render medical assistance.

We have a line of personal tracking devices that can be used for an elderly individual who may be suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and that need to have a watchful eye over them.

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